“We pledge to make excellence the standard by which we judge our achievements.”

Berkeley Farms


Berkeley Farms has been bringing superior dairy products to our customers for 100 years. Our commitment to great taste and high quality has always led us to choose family farms that meet our requirements for nutritional ecology, environmental respect and advanced, skilled farm care and cultivation.

Milk & Cream

For the past 100 years, Berkeley Farms has been bringing the finest milk products to our customers. Our farmers feed their cows a nutritious diet including wholesome alfalfa hay, which increases milk nutrition and flavor.

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Indulge yourself with the sophisticated flavors of Berkeley Farms creamers. Available in a variety of sizes, these rich, creamy blends make every sip a sumptuous splurge.

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Our yogurt products are deliciously creamy and smooth down to the last spoonful. These amazing flavors are available in low fat and nonfat options for the perfect combination of taste and nutrition.

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Sour Cream

Give your favorite recipes a boost with rich, smooth Berkeley Farms sour cream. Made with the purest ingredients, our sour cream is available in both regular and fat free.

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Cottage Cheese

Wholesome cottage cheese from Berkeley Farms is made with rich pasteurized milk for the creamiest taste. Enjoy plain or with fruit for a healthy snack rich in calcium and protein.

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Berkeley Farms butter is churned daily from California's finest farms to bring the freshest, creamiest taste to your table. Or, try our high quality margarine for a smooth, delicious butter alternative.

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Delicious farm-fresh Berkeley Farms eggs are a great source of protein and vitamin D. Available in large cartons or loose.

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Juice & Drink

Enjoy a refreshing dose of vitamin C with fresh Berkeley Farms orange juice, or add some flavor with our tasty juice drinks and punches.

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Make rich, smooth Berkeley Farms holiday eggnog, light eggnog and Bud's of San Francisco Famous Eggnog a delicious addition to your holiday festivities.

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Ice Cream

Cool, refreshing and smooth, our ice creams are made from the finest ingredients for a rich and tasty treat in any flavor. Enjoy your favorites from Berkeley Farms and Bud's of San Francisco.

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Swiss Tea

Swiss Tea is naturally delicious because it's sweetened with sugar and always kept cold for the freshest taste. No preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup!

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TruMoo milk is delicious and nutritious with just enough natural sugar and no high fructose corn syrup. We use only the freshest white milk for a tasty way to get your dose of calcium, plus vitamins A & D. Available in chocolate and strawberry flavors.

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