“We pledge to make excellence the standard by which we judge our achievements.”

Berkeley Farms

Foodservice Sales

Many of our world-class products are available for sale to our food service and commercial customers. You can rely upon our proven consistent quality and 100 years of experience to enhance any menu application. Please see our product list below.

Berkeley Farms manufacturing cream is unique. We've used the same secret family recipe for 100 years. We have never used artificial growth hormones in our cream and we were the first to banish stabilizers from our product. Berkeley Farms has long been recognized for establishing the quality standard for "natural" manufacturing cream for restaurants and bakeries throughout Northern California. When you purchase Berkeley Farms manufacturing cream for use in your desserts, soups and sauces, you can be assured that you are purchasing the very best California has to offer.

Please contact Mike Myers for all your foodservice needs at (510) 265-8651 or mike_myers@deanfoods.com.

Milk & Cream Products

  • MFG: Half-gallon
  • Buttermilk: Half-gallon
  • Whole Milk: Gallon and half-gallon, 6-gallon bag/box
  • 2% Reduced Fat Milk: Gallon and half-gallon, 6-gallon bag/box
  • 1% Low Fat Milk: Gallon and half-gallon
  • Fat Free Milk: Gallon and half-gallon, 6-gallon bag/box
  • Chocolate Milk: 6-gallon bag/box
  • Bulgarian Buttermilk: Quart 16/case
  • 10% Ice Cream Soft Serve Mix: Half-gallon
  • 5% Vanilla Ice Cream Mix: Half-gallon
  • 5% Chocolate Ice Cream Mix: Half-gallon

Butter & Margarine Products

  • Solid Butter: 30 1-lb blocks
  • Sweet Solid Butter: 30 1-lb blocks
  • Butter Chip: 90 5-lb blocks
  • Buttercups: 720/case
  • Whip Butter: 5-lb 2/case
  • Sweet Whip Butter: 5-lb 2/case
  • Butter Reddi Pats: 15-lb
  • Cont Chip Butter: 17-lb
  • Sweet Cont Chip Butter: 17-lb
  • Butter Balls: 3-lb 6/case
  • Sweet Solid Butter: 34-lb
  • Margarine Solid: 1-lb 30/case
  • Margarine Reddi pats: 12-lb
  • 1+2 Oleo/Butter: 30/case


  • Loose Eggs: Medium, Large, X-Large


  • American: 5-lb loaf, sliced
  • Cream Cheese: 3-lb loaf
  • Crumble Blue: 5-lb bag
  • Holey Swiss: 4-lb random weight block
  • Kefir: 32-lb tub
  • Jack: 10-lb block
  • Jack: 5-lb shredded
  • Mild Cheddar: 5-lb bags, shredded
  • Mild Cheddar 10-lb block
  • Mozzarella: 5-lb bags, shredded
  • Mozzarella fresh: 3-lb tub
  • Parmesan: 5-lb tub, grated
  • Ricotta: 5-lb tub
  • Swiss: 5-lb loaf, sliced
  • Whip Cream Cheese: 4-lb tub

Cottage Cheese

  • Cottage Cheese: 5-lb tubs; small curd, low fat, full fat, fat free

Sour Cream

  • Sour Cream: 5-lb, 24-lb, 32-lb tubs
  • Light Sour Cream: 5-lb tubs