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Berkeley Farms

Community Contributions

Berkeley Farms has been a member of the Northern California community since 1910. We are proud to support many area organizations.


Berkeley Farms has partnerships with Paramount’s Great America, Bonfante Gardens, and Discovery Kingdom.


Berkeley Farms is proud to sponsor the Junior 49ers, a program that allows disadvantaged youth to experience the excitement of a professional football game. Since we began participating, we have had the pleasure of providing game tickets to several youth programs and shelters. Below are some letters of thanks from the programs that we benefitted, and from the individuals themselves.

Letters of Thanks

Dear Mr. Knox:
The City of Pittsburgh and the East County Boys and Girls Club would like to thank you for providing tickets to the 49-ers vs Rams game. A lot of the teens enrolled in our programs are transitional and come from group homes or through the foster care system or from low-income families; this usually doesn't allow for extra expenses for youth recreation and excursions.

The success of this program relies heavily on the generosity of organizations such as yours. Again, we thank you for providing Pittsburg youth with this opportunity. One of the comments most repeated was "that unlike the other sports games we got tickets to, we got 'great' seats on the field and not the cheap seats; they really wanted us here!" That sense of belonging for these youth meant more than anything to them and gave them a glimpse of the greatness of the 49ers. Even though they lost, the kids know that they will win the next one, of course, since the 49ers have become their favorite NFL team.

Thank you so much!
Marilyn Lewis
Recreation Supervisor

Dear Mr. Rodney Knox,
Thank you so much for providing tickets to the 49ers game against the Atlanta Falcons. We won! We really enjoyed the seats and "boy" those Niners performed. On behalf of the Bernal youths, we sincerely thank you. We had a great time and it was a dream come true for my youths. Some of my youth have never been to a 49ers game and their families couldn't afford to send them. Thanks to you and Berkeley Farms, their dreams came true.

With sincere appreciation,
Luis Aroche
Gang Prevention Counselor

Dear Mr. Rodney Knox,
The C.Y.O. Program Shelter for Boys greatly appreciates the free Junior 49ers tickets you allowed us to receive. The boys enjoyed the outing. Some of the young men here had not ever gone to a football game. They were excited. All who were 49ers fans especially had a great time.

Thanks again, from the boys in the shelter.

Dear Berkeley Farms,
On behalf of Huckleberry Youth Programs Youth Leadership Team, I would like to thank you for your generosity for allowing us to be a part of the ever exciting Jr. 49ers Program. It is because of you and folks at Berkeley Farms that we were able to take 30 excited youth, of whom 23 were first-timers, to the "Battle of the Bay" (the contest between Oakland and San Francisco).

Attending a professional football game was an experience that many of our youth would have been deprived of, if your programs were not in existence. It is because of this that I sincerely appreciate the opportunity that you, along with the Jr. 49er staff, provided us. I think I speak for the group when I thank you for this generous opportunity you have graciously provided.

Kenny Duran, Health Educator
Huckleberry Youth Programs